A Fast-growing Garage Franchise Opportunity

Serving All of North America

With today’s garage franchises, homeowners are looking at their garages in a whole new light. It used to be that people only thought about their garage when they needed a clear-out or something went wrong with their garage door.

Now, the garage can be so much more.

Types of Garage Franchises

No matter the brand an investor chooses, a franchisee can typically expect a certain level of guidance when going the franchise route over independent business ownership.

Of course, some brands onboard their franchisees better than others, so it’s important to do your research. Garage franchises fit into the home improvement industry. Let’s examine what types of garage improvement franchises are available.

Garage Door Sales and Repair

Some garage franchises specializing in doors only do repairs, and some only do sales. Others do both.

As a franchise investor, you’ll want to consider which specialty fits your ideal. Then you’ll have to think about whether or not you’ll own an emergency repair business, which requires 24/7 services. Are you intending to remain strictly residential, or are you interested in expanding to commercial-grade garage doors?

Customers who make appointments for repairs also expect certain steps, such as a quote that lists all expected repairs and costs, an estimate of labor, and an amount of time the repairs are covered under guarantee.

The Scope of a Garage Remodel Franchise

Make sure you’re investing with the type of brand that offers customers such peace of mind, as well as quality craftsmanship, training to do the work required properly, and how the brand will back these guarantees to the customer.

Garage Flooring

With garage flooring, there are fewer emergencies than perhaps with garage doors, so this type of garage franchise has a more traditional operating schedule. That may be more appealing to you as a franchise investor.

With this franchise, you may deal with some floor repairs, like cracking concrete, which may involve working with insurance companies and foundation repair contractors. It may be about more than simply high-impact garage floor coatings.

Challenging jobs may make up only a portion of the work, however. Garage flooring franchises may do floor coatings over concrete floors in auto shops, garages, driveways, around pools, and anywhere slip-resistant flooring is a must. It may be much more than working in garages!

Garage Organization and Storage

Everyone is getting organized and decluttered. The garage becomes the catch-all for what homeowners need to keep but doesn’t use frequently or items for outdoor use only.

Now, garage organizer franchises are popping up to organize the chaos!

Inspiring storage solutions that include beautiful and functional cabinets to match the homeowner’s aesthetic are just the start. Garages are also great hobby spaces.
Active, outdoorsy families need their sporting equipment but want it out of the way when unused.

Tapping into the Garage Organization Franchise Potential

People want functionality and a wall of cabinets to hide belongings. Slat walls to hang sporting equipment and surfboards, hooks for bikes, and custom pull-out shelving to organize tools are where it’s at.

Taken to industrial levels for commercial projects, a garage franchise specializing in storage and organization could be busy for years.

Garage Renovation and Transformation

Garage transformation companies combine all these garage franchises into one.

Homeowners can sit down with a design expert, and explain their lifestyle and storage needs and how they’re hoping to use their garage, and the garage renovation franchise expert can rejuvenate their garage space into something spectacular.

It’s the welcome home every discerning homeowner deserves, and a franchise investor can sink their investment dollars into it.

The Home Improvement Industry

Garage franchise improvements fit into the home improvement and remodeling industry.

Global Market Insights put the global remodeling market size in 2022 at $40.7 billion, with a 3.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2023 to 2032. This means the market value in 2032 should reach $60 billion.

These numbers are driven by people maintaining aging infrastructure, improving living standards, and evolving modern tastes.

Overcoming Challenges in Garage Franchise Opportunities

The potential inhibitors of these growth predictions are skilled labor shortages and the rising costs of raw materials. These may drive up the overall cost of remodeling projects.

The garage franchise least affected by these industry slow-downs is the whole garage renovation type. The target market for these brands is typically a higher earning client, who are better able to absorb some of the increased pricing of remodeling projects.

Garage Living is a Renovation Garage Franchise That’s Growing

When selecting the garage renovation franchise to invest with, you want someone you can trust who stands by the products and services they provide and offers a superior result their clients rave about.

You want Garage living.

The franchise investment with Garage Living includes:

  • Garage Living Academy, is a comprehensive training curriculum of hands-on exercises and classroom experience, which expands into on-site training with a Garage Living representative.
  • The Garage Living team assists with the opening process from the beginning, with site selection expert advice, location development, and going through the grand opening.
  • We provide full, hands-on training with technology tools, including CAD Tech tools, CRM software, approved vendors, and more. Access to our operations manual rounds out the resources at your fingertips.
  • Our fully-integrated franchise support extends beyond your grand opening with marketing and social media strategy and lead generation. Turn heads with truck wrapping and showroom design to scale your business quickly.

Garage Living stands by our products, which are North American-made. We also complete all garage transformations with in-house installers, so we stand 100% behind our craftsmanship.

Garage Living is the whole package, and we’re offering franchise investors large, exclusive territories now. Transform your future by contacting us today!