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For many Americans, the garage is their most used entrance. A cluttered, overflowing garage can feel chaotic rather than welcoming. Marie Kondo gave people a major boost to organize the inside of their homes.

Now, garage organizer businesses are here to help homeowners achieve the ultimate home improvement franchise.

Garage Organization is Big Business

The idea of starting a garage organizer business may seem very niche, but garage organization is growing in demand. The garage is the last frontier of home decor, and homeowners are making this first point of entry truly suit their needs.

Globally, the garage organization and storage market reached $25.44 billion in 2022. Forecasters expect a compound annual growth rate of 8.45% from 2023-2028, which leads to a prediction for the market to reach $41.78 billion by 2028.

According to the American Housing Survey3 completed in 2021 by the US Census Bureau, 80% of Americans owning homes or condos in the US have a carport or garage.

In addition, storage space has become such a necessity that 11.1% of people are renting storage units, and of those who do, 18% have a four-bedroom or larger home. The likelihood of those demographics having a garage in need of organization is high, which could be good news for a garage storage organizer business.

How a Garage Organizer Business Changes the Home

The best garage organizer businesses offer homeowners multi-tiered options for organizing their garage space. With the garage being the most frequently used entryway for the homeowner, having a pleasant experience may seem trivial, but a tidy garage can really set the tone for how the home feels overall.

A top garage organizer business will show the homeowner how much better taming the chaos of an unorganized garage can feel by demonstrating all of their garage organization solutions and how they apply to the homeowner’s space.

Custom Cabinets

The first line of defense against garage clutter is custom cabinetry to house the overflow from the home and corral the equipment of a busy lifestyle. Sports, seasonal equipment, and other things need somewhere to be stored, and cabinets will help keep them tidy, free of bugs and vermin, and off the floor.

Having beautiful cabinets to make the space look more uniform and match the overall feel of the home’s design can make a huge difference in how coming home feels. A garage organizer business in the USA can make this happen in just a few days, once the details are decided.

Slat Walls

Slat walls are an extremely versatile organization solution for a garage organizer business to use to create usable space and free up room in a garage.

Not every decluttering solution needs to remove a person’s belongings from sight. Some hobbies and belongings are things homeowners are proud to display, like tools. Other items that might not fit so well in a cabinet, like a weed whacker or a rake, may also find a cozy place on a slat wall.

There’s a lot of choice in color and material to personalize the slat walls, which makes this option a truly elegant part of a garage transformation.

Shelving Systems

Not everything in a garage needs to be put away. Collectibles like trophies, sports memorabilia, and other hobby equipment may work better on shelves where they can be seen and enjoyed by the homeowners.

Car lifts

Yes, sometimes the car is the clutter. Having a way to lift a project car, or a collector’s item out of the way when it’s not being worked on is an ideal solution to make vertical space usable.

A car lift keeps the expensive hobby car elevated and safe from the dings of a bicycle or other toy when an active family is in and out of the garage, but also makes having a hobby car possible where it might not have been before.

Garage organizer businesses know these solutions well and are able to mix and match them to meet the varying needs of homeowners where they live. It’s what makes owning a garage organizer business an exciting investment and career opportunity.

How a Garage Organizer Business Can Be a Great Investment

A homeowner’s home is their castle, and people are making great use of every square foot, including the garage. It’s no longer strange to have a garage that’s also comfortable, especially when people spend time working on hobbies in their garages.

With a growing industry and demand for garage transformations, it’s a good time to consider investing in a garage organizer business franchise that has a great reputation, happy franchise owners across the US, and uses North American-made products through and through.

Garage Living is such a franchise, and we’re looking to expand our business throughout the United States.

We offer our franchise owners:

  • Expert advice on site selection and build-out
  • Comprehensive pre-launch training
  • Confidential operations manual for at-the-fingertips resources
  • Unparalleled access to equipment, products, and technology for seamless business operations
  • Continued support and training for updated techniques and trades
  • Marketing collateral and campaigns for cohesive brand messaging
  • Showroom layout guidance
  • Advisory board opportunities

Are you ready to consider the transformative power a garage renovation investment franchise opportunity could have on your future? Contact us today to learn how you can get started with a garage organizer business like no other!

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