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Our home is our castle. We spend considerable time, money, and mental energy turning it into the most incredible, inviting, and livable space it can be. For entrepreneurs skilled with their hands and who have a passion for renovation and design, a home improvement franchise could be a great fit!

What’s more, there are many types of home improvement franchises, so there’s room to specialize.

What Kinds of Home Improvement Franchises Are Available?

Home improvement is only as limited as our imaginations.

There are home improvement franchises that specialize in every aspect of a home, starting with the outdoors: landscaping, tree trimming, roofing, siding, fences, decks, and patios.

Then there are home remodeling franchises that tackle new kitchens and baths, cabinet makers, all-new closet organization systems, and garage transformation services.

Next, we have home repair franchises, which are there for homeowners when something breaks. These indispensable folks handle plumbing, electrical work, furnace and air conditioning services, appliances, pool services, window repair, and painting services. For nearly any update, repair, or replacement service a homeowner could need, there’s likely a home renovation franchise available to handle it.

How to Choose Which Home Improvement Franchise to Invest In

With such a wealth of options in the home improvement franchise industry, it can be difficult to know if you’re making the right investment decision. How do you narrow it down? Some of it is about personal choice, but you can narrow it down by asking solid questions.

Are You More of a Builder or a Renovator?

If you like to take old things and make them new, watching them come to life in your hands, then remodeling may be more your wheelhouse than building. There are plentiful opportunities in home improvement franchises focused on renovating kitchens, baths, or garages, much like Garage Living.

Recently garage remodeling franchises have come into the limelight because garages are the last frontier of the home to be tamed. They’re large, useful spaces that often get neglected, and they have a lot of room for a big wow factor.

If you like to build something out of nothing, then perhaps a fencing or deck franchise, or solar energy franchise is a good investment. The clean energy sector is growing in every state, according to the Department of Energy.

What Home Improvement Franchise Does Your Area Support?

Look around at the businesses in your area. Are there already multiple types of certain home repair franchises or renovation companies there? If so, it’s best to avoid opening a new home improvement franchise business in that category.

Does the Home Renovation Franchise You’re Considering Have Good Leadership?

The franchise development team behind the franchise brand can make all the difference. Signing a franchising agreement with an experienced team who can answer all your questions and show you the best ways to prepare for your new business can save you many headaches and even money in the long run.

Is There a Market For Your New Franchise Business?

Let’s take the garage renovation franchise for example. Does it work well in big cities, particularly for people who may live in areas where garages aren’t common?

At first glance, no. However, beyond city centers, there are commuter towns and suburbs where people live in single-family detached homes with garages. These bedroom communities may be a great source of clients for a garage transformation franchise, even if you live in the heart of a busy city.

Another bonus for the garage renovation franchise is that people are eager to make every inch of their homes work for them. Organizational furniture and techniques that maximize storage space, including the garage, are very much front and center for homeowners. There’s a big market for garage organization and renovation to build clients and word-of-mouth.

Consider the Brand With Whom You’re Franchising

As with any franchise investment, you want a brand that backs its franchisees with the best possible support. You want a brand that stands by its products and services with a warranty that reassures clients they’re getting a fabulous renovation for their money.

When you sign a franchising agreement, you also want a franchise leadership team that provides you with all the training necessary for their business model, technology, and marketing strategies. Being part of a franchise takes the guesswork out of opening a new business from scratch, and it can save a lot of the pitfalls new business owners often fall into.

Franchising also helps business owners start operating quickly by being immediately recognizable to new customers. As their homes are their most valuable asset, having a home improvement franchise clients feel they know and trust rather than an untested brand can make all the difference.

Reputation is key, and in the home renovation industry, a franchise brand with a good reputation can be a wise investment.

When The Franchise You’re Considering Checks All the Boxes

You’ll know when you find the right investment. The products and services will excite you, and the company philosophy will match your entrepreneurial energy. The discovery process will feel like you’ve found your path, and the franchise leadership will give you everything you feel you need to become a thriving member of their franchising team.

If the example of garage renovation franchises caught your attention, perhaps you’ve already found the home remodeling franchise inspiration you need! Contact Garage Living to learn more about the last frontier of home transformation franchises.

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