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Most people don’t think about their garage doors—until they stop working. Then a garage remodeling franchise becomes an extremely important local business to guarantee quality of life and home comfort through communities. Let’s find out more.

Garage doors are a crucial entry point for residential and commercial clients. Owning a garage remodeling franchise can be a fantastic investment, whether it’s a garage door repair franchise, garage door sales and installation service, or a total garage remodeling franchise.

The Garage Remodeling Business Industry

To see if owning a garage remodeling business franchise company is the right move, let’s look at the garage door industry as a whole.

The garage and overhead garage doors market had a global value of $6.99 billion in 2022. Forecasters expect the market to continue at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2% for a projected valuation of $9.94 billion by 2029. Let’s look at this in more detail.

Market Size Growth

The garage and overhead garage doors market experienced substantial growth from 2022 to 2029. Starting at $6.99 billion, it is projected to expand to $9.94 billion, indicating an increase of $2.95 billion over the seven-year period. This growth reflects a strong demand for garage and overhead doors globally.

Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)

The market’s CAGR of 5.2% suggests consistent and steady growth over the forecast period. This demonstrates the resilience and long-term viability of the industry, making it an attractive sector for investment and business expansion.

Potential Factors Driving Growth

While not explicitly mentioned, factors contributing to the growth of this market might include increasing construction and real estate development, rising consumer awareness of security and convenience, and technological advancements in garage door automation and smart home integration. Analyzing these factors can help businesses understand the dynamics of this market better.

Investment Opportunities

Given this market’s projected growth and stability, it could present attractive investment opportunities for established companies and startups. Investors may want to explore funding options and partnerships within the garage door industry.

There’s great interest in advanced technology, particularly smart home systems, which integrate door openers into their security systems.

What Does a Garage Remodeling Franchise Do?

Potential franchise owners seeking information on garage remodeling franchise business ownership opportunities should also know exactly what a garage remodeling franchise does and does not do. Most of them do not manufacture the doors and door parts themselves.

Garage remodeling franchises work on the following:

Installation of Garage Doors

The most common garage door services involve installing garage doors. This may sound simple, but it can be quite involved.

Suppose the installation is for a new garage door. In that case, the garage door franchise will likely meet with the customers to discuss:

  • Getting measurements for the door space
  • The customer’s requirements and aesthetic
  • The quote for the chosen door
  • The warranty for parts and labor
  • Scheduling the install

Replacement doors may be as simple as ordering the same model as the replaced one and switching them out during a scheduled appointment.

Garage Door Repairs

Repair appointments may be handled differently depending on the type of garage door franchise. Emergency service franchises may have a number for fast repairs to secure a home or business after hours.

Some of the best garage door franchise opportunities that offer an emergency repair service will come out regardless of the time of day or night.

For less emergent door service, the franchise may provide same-day service repair appointments or rapid appointments for the next day.

This can include garage door service, opener replacement, or repairs for residential and commercial customers.

However, some garage door franchises may need help replacing broken doors with new garage doors on the same day. They can, however, secure the property so the home or business isn’t vulnerable while the garage doors franchise awaits the proper parts.

Most Common Types of Garage Doors

Sectional Door

These are the most common garage doors in American residential homes.

This overhead door type has horizontal sections hinged together. Wheels along the sides roll up and down in tracks at the door’s sides.

The track curves at the top of the door, allowing the door to roll along the garage’s ceiling and out of the way when homeowners raise the door. High-tension springs with cables hold the door in place.

These doors are highly customizable, with many beautifying options, such as window inserts, hardware, colors, and textures.

They can even be insulated for garages where homeowners work on cars or engage in other hobbies.

Roll-Up Door

Think of a roll-up door like the cover of a roll-top desk: made up of two- or three-inch steel slats that roll around the drum situation above the door’s opening.

These doors are more common in commercial spaces than residential ones, but they can also be aesthetically pleasing in a warehouse or loft-style space.

They’re heavy-duty, secure, and built for more usage in areas with limited ceiling space. They can be built spring-free. They can be covered in cold or wet environments to prevent rusting and freezing.

Roll-up doors cost more than the standard sectional door but are considered an investment.

Tilt-Up Door

The tilt-up door style is a solid piece set on a pivoting hinge that is tilted to open. It’s also sometimes called a canopy-style door.

When the door is open, it extends outward from the front of the building. Some can be installed so they retract into the garage and don’t protrude beyond the front of the home or business.

Tilt-up doors can be made of many materials, giving them texture, color, weight, and look flexibility.

These doors can require more space to swing them open and be more finicky to operate.

Other Types of Garage Doors

There are less common types of doors, such as the side-hinge and sideways sliding door.

The side-hinge door is a large one with hinges along the side that opens outward to allow entry. It can be a single door or double door, depending on the space.

They’re installed where ceiling space is limited or otherwise obstructed. Pre-hung steel frames can be fitted into existing openings, and they can be fitted with automated door openers.

The sideways sliding door can be as simple as a barn-style door that slides sideways on a track or a sectional-style door that slides along a curved track along a side wall instead of along the ceiling like the usual overhead door. Both can be aesthetically unique and stylish.

Sideways sliding doors don’t require balancing springs and can be fitted with motors to automate their retractability.

An Affordable Garage Remodeling Franchise

When researching a garage remodeling franchise opportunity, it’s wise to consider those who do garage doors and more. Garage Living is a team of garage renovation experts who specialize in so much more than garage doors.

We transform garages into spaces that are organized and usable and welcome people home while also building franchise owners’ futures. Garage renovation is an in-demand niche market growing by leaps and bounds.

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